Dimensions: 114 cm, 139 cm, 164 cm, 189 cm, 214 cm

Light Source: 214 cm: 1x26W 24V dc 3000K CRI>90 3500Lm En. class A
189 cm: 1x23W 24V dc 3000K CRI>90 3050Lm En. class A
164 cm: 1x20W 24V dc 3000K CRI>90 2600Lm En. class A
139 cm: 1×17,5W 24V dc 3000K CRI>90 2100Lm En. class A
114 cm: 1x14W 24V dc 3000K CRI>90 1700Lm En. class A

DALI/PUSH dimmable power supply included in the ceiling rose.

Material: Brass

Technical data sheet:

Rosette available in brass finish or painted metal finish in white or black version.

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A blade of light that draws spaces with its minimal lines.
A luminous tube in opal plexiglass (available in different lengths) with the metal frame in brass or in painted metal. Cosima is an extremely flexible lamp that stimulates the designer’s creativity. It can be used individually but also allows you to create custom compositions on the walls or to imagine spectacular suspended solutions even in large environments.


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