Dimensions: 0,6 cm x h. 3 cm / Ø: 30, 40, 50, 80, 115, 135, 145, 150, 190, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 cm

Light Source: CRI>80, 252 LED/m
Ø 30 cm: LED 17W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 1510Lm 4000K 1680Lm
Ø 40 cm: LED 22W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 2000Lm 4000K 2200Lm
Ø 50 cm: LED 26W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 2390Lm 4000K 2650Lm
Ø 80 cm: LED 38W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 3450Lm 4000K 3830Lm
Ø 115 cm: LED 49W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 4460Lm 4000K 4930Lm
Ø 135 cm: LED 52W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 4800Lm 4000K 5300Lm
Ø 145 cm: LED 56W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 5050Lm 4000K 5650Lm
Ø 150 cm: LED 57W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 5150Lm 4000K 5750Lm
Ø 190 cm: LED 62W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 5600Lm 4000K 6200Lm

High efficiency light source:
CRI>90, 147 LED/m
Ø 30 cm: LED 17W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 1608Lm 4000K 1900Lm
Ø 40 cm: LED 23W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 2133Lm 4000K 2520Lm
Ø 50 cm: LED 28W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 2590Lm 4000K 3061Lm
Ø 80 cm: LED 43W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 3975Lm 4000K 4697Lm
Ø 115 cm: LED 59W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 5426Lm 4000K 6413Lm
Ø 135 cm: LED 65W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 6029Lm 4000K 7125Lm
Ø 145 cm: LED 69W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 6420Lm 4000K 7587Lm
Ø 150 cm: LED 71W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 6610Lm4000K 7811Lm
Ø 190 cm: LED 80W 24V dc 2700K/3000K 7481Lm 4000K 8841Lm

For both:
ON/OFF power supply included in the ceiling rose / DALI/PUSH dimmable on request

Modular customizable system / Special compositions available on request

The following large aluminium diameters are also available, with high efficiency LED source 147 LED/m: Ø 200 cm, 250 cm, 300 cm, 350 cm and 400 cm. From Ø 250 cm the Rings is divided into two parts.

Material: Brass

Colour: RAL 9005 Jet black
RAL 9010 Pure white
Artic green

Technical data sheet:

Ceiling rose dimensions of single Rings:
Ø 30, 40 cm: 7,5 x 20 x h. 3,8 cm
Ø 50, 80 cm: 7,5 x 23,5 x h. 3,8 cm
Ø 115, 135, 145 cm:
7,5 x 25,5 x h. 3,8 cm
Ø 150, 190 cm: 9,5 x 28 x h. 3,8 cm

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Rings structures are available in different diameters. Each ring is independent and it is possible to create compositions of any shape and size.


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