ZAVAluce – ZERO2


Material: PVC cables
Iron ceiling rose

Colour: Brass
RAL 9005 Pure white – Opaque –
RAL 9005 Jet black – Opaque –

Technical data sheet:

Available lampshades:

– Bull (vedi)

– Mark (vedi)

– Nox (vedi)

– Vox (vedi)

Modular and customizable system according to the scheme:

– Lampshades (choosing between Bull, Mark, Nox e Vox) +

– Ceiling rose: ON/OFF or DALI/PUSH +

– Holder for cable for ceiling fix +

– Cables

Compositions of 1, 3, 4, 6, 8 lampshades

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Characterised by a single coaxial semi-opaque black PVC cable that makes up a continuous line between the various light sources, it can be composed by four different lampshades: Bull, Mark, Nox and Vox. It is possible to use combinations of Bull and Mark or, alternatively, of Nox and Vox in the same ZERO2 system, with a single coaxial cable. Each ceiling rose allows to mount at most 10 lighting fixtures for Bull and Mark, 3 for Nox and Vox and maximum 30 linear meters of coaxial cable. While mixing compositions,
it would be necessary to use more canopies.


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